Chip8 Emulator on an FPGA



Implemented a Chip8 Emulator in SystemVerilog meant to run on an Altera SoCKit Cyclone V board



Follow the following two tutorials to get linux running on the SoCKit board

Then copy the code in chip8-sw to the device and compile it there by calling make. Open Quartus and compile the Chip8.qpf project. Using the programmar load the sockit_top.sof file onto the device and boot the version of linux installed on the sd card. To install the chip8-sw:

insmod chip8.ko
./chip8 <chip8_file>

Where a chip8 file is a .chip8 rom file found on many websites.


The controls for the chip8 are:

| 1 2 3 4 |
| q w e r |
| a s d f |
| z x c v |

The display will be outputted via the VGA port on the SoCKit board and is controlled using a USB Keyboard plugged into the board. To pause the game press ‘p’, to start a rom file press ‘enter’, and to load a new file press ‘l’.